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Tahitian Black Pearls

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Tahitian pearls have been enchanting mankind with their beauty and mystique since time immemorial. The pearls we offer are prized amongst Tahitian pearl connoisseurs—all A to AAA quality, the top five percent of pearls available.

They come from private pearl farms in Tahiti, and are hand-selected for their high luster, round to semi-round shape, smooth surface, and brilliant color, which varies from silvers, greens, blues and purples, to Peacock multi-colored pearls.  Each pearl is unique, and color does not always determine value—though certain colors, like true Peacock, and Aubergine (eggplant) are harder to come by, thus can be more expensive, and should be requested if desired.

For more on the Tahitian pearl, please visit the Tahitian Pearl Blog, or contact us with your questions


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